6 Care Tips for Avoiding Damage to Your Auto Glass

Keeping your auto glass in good shape is necessary to increase your safety on road. After all, your windshield is your first line of defence when you’re driving your car. But, not all car owners consider the importance of a well-maintained auto glass. As a result, they end up paying expensive repair bills and hampering their safety when they’re behind the wheel.

To avoid a mishap on road due to a cracked or unclear windshield, keep your auto glass free of damage by following these six care tips compiled by the leading auto windshield manufacturers.

1) Quit Harsh Chemicals

Glass cleaners containing ammonia can damage the tint on your windshield and destroy your vehicle’s outer appearance. So, avoid cleaning your auto glass with chemical-based glass cleaners. Use automaker-approved cleaning solutions to prevent your car glass from discolouration and scratches. A solution of vinegar and water can also be used to ensure the best possible results.

2) Avoid Extreme Temperature Change

Extreme and sudden temperature change can break your auto glass. Make sure that you maintain the temperature between the outside and inside of the glass to prevent it from damage. For example, when you keep your car in a garage during the winter months, keep your garage door open to warm up the glass slowly.

3) Keep a Safe Distance from Large Vehicles

When driving behind large trucks, you should always keep a safe distance between you and the truck as large vehicles can throw up rocks and other debris that can damage your windshield. By leaving a decent distance from heavy vehicles, you can reduce the risk of damaging impacts from dirt and debris, especially when driving on a gravel road.

4) Examine Your Windshield Regularly

For the proper upkeep of your auto glass, you need to examine it regularly and look for damages that often go unnoticed. Some chips are too small to notice but soon grow in size and cause irreparable damage. So, make sure that you carefully look at your windshield and identify the minor chips before it’s too late. If you don’t want your windscreen to get damaged easily, make sure that you buy it from a trusted automotive glass manufacturer.

5) Get the Chips Fixed Promptly

Be it a small chip or a big one, it should be repaired the moment you see it. If you leave the chip unattended, it will expand and create cracks in your auto glass which can shatter even with the slightest impact.

6) Replace Your Old Wipers

Old or malfunctioning wipers can scratch your windshield and make it vulnerable to chips and cracks in the long run. To avoid damaging the auto glass, change your windscreen wipers at least once a year. Make sure that you buy them from a reputed store to ensure their quality and durability.

At Xinyi Glass, one of the leading auto windshield manufacturers, we hope that you never face the problems regarding windshield damage. That’s why we came up with the above-mentioned care tips for avoiding your auto glass from damaging. To learn more about maintaining your car glass, contact us at (905) 947-8801.

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