An Informative Guide to Different Types of Glass

Glass is a hard substance that can be used in manufacturing windshields of vehicles, glass partitions, windows, doors and balconies in commercial and residential buildings. It is transparent or translucent and brittle in nature.

It is made in a heating and cooling process where sand is mixed with lime, soda and other admixtures at first and then cooled rapidly. But there are different types of glass available in the market with unique features. To find out more about them, keep reading this blog post by Xinyi Glass, a glass manufacturer in Markham, Canada.

Normal or Float Glass

Normal glass, also known as float glass is manufactured by combining all the ingredients of glass, heating them and then cooling the mixture rapidly. It features a flat surface which is why it is also called a flat glass. Float glass can be of three sub-types depending on the tints and textures.


Clear Glass: It is transparent in nature and features a green hue. It is extensively used in doors, windows, cabinet shelves, solar applications. This glass is usually used for further processing to produce other glass types.


Tinted Glass: It is a float glass in which melted colourants are added to ensure privacy. This colour tint also absorbs solar radiation thus regulating the heat penetration into buildings and vehicles.


Textured Glass: It is a translucent glass featuring patterns or textures which blurs visibility. Hence, it is apt if you’re looking for ensuring privacy in your room. That’s why it is widely used in shower doors, exterior windows
and doors.


textured glass


Wired Glass


It is a special type of glass which can prevent shattering or breaking under stress. This is because it contains wire mesh which is inlaid. Plus, it is an inexpensive fire resistance glass which can protect you from the harmful effects of smoke.


Extra Clear Glass


 clear glass tabletop


It is a high-quality glass which is devoid of impurities like iron. Tabletops, showcases in jewellery stores, watches or crystal ware items use this glass as it features a sparkling effect.

High-Performance Glass

It is a speciality glass which is formed by the basic glass manufacturing process but further diversified into three sub-categories to perform specific functions.


Solar Glass


Solar glass is oxide coated glass that prevents the entry of heat into the building and also reduces the glare. It is used as glass facades in modern buildings, conservatory roofs and showrooms.


Low E Glass


Low emissivity glass, commonly known as low e-glass has thermal insulation properties. Though it allows the entry of light, harmful UV and infrared rays are restricted. In addition, it also maintains a comfortable temperature in the interiors thus establishing itself as an energy efficient solution in colder climate countries.


Solar Control – Low E Glass


The speciality of this glass is that it is used for blocking solar radiation and providing thermal insulation.

Processed Glass

Laminated Glass


It features a polyvinyl butyl interlayer between two or more layers of glass which can prevent shattering in case of accidents. That’s why it is quite hardy among the other types of glass and is extensively used in making automobile windshields, windows and guardrails.


car windshield glass


Tempered Glass


Also known as toughened glass, it is manufactured by heating it to a uniform temperature and then cooling it quickly to increase its strength. Handrails, escalator side panels, and wall partitions are made of tempered glass.


Mirror Glass


Mirror glass, also known as reflective glass, is different from all the other types of glass available in the market. A coating of metal oxide is applied to one side of tinted glass to increase its reflective appearance. You can see this type of glass in high-rise glass buildings.


Insulated Glass


It is made of two or more glass panes which are separated by cavities filled with dry air. This glass provides excellent sound insulation and thermal properties which is why commercial buildings such as hospitals, hotels and offices prefer this glass type over others.


Lacquered Glass


Lacquered glass, also known as back painted glass (BPG) is manufactured by painting the back surface of the glass with high-quality paint. Kitchen countertops, modern cupboards, backsplashes, hotels and restaurants use this special glass type.


Frosted Glass


If privacy is your primary concern, then the frosted glass is what you should be looking at. It is translucent in nature as one side of the glass surface is etched through which diffusion of light occurs. Shower cubicles, commercial buildings and dressing rooms feature this glass type.


That’s a brief summary of all the different types of glass manufactured by glass manufacturers. Choose the one that suits your requirements and order it right away. You can also contact us as we are one of the premier glass manufacturers in Markham serving customers in more than a hundred countries.

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