An Informative Guide to Different Types of Glass

Glass is a hard substance that can be used in manufacturing windshields of vehicles, glass partitions, windows, doors and balconies in commercial and residential buildings. It is transparent or translucent and brittle in nature. It is made in a heating and cooling process where sand is mixed with lime, soda and other admixtures at first …

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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Glass

Solar glass is different than regular glass as the latter allows sunlight to pass through it while deflecting a large amount of heat which helps in generating electricity onsite. It is used in commercial and residential buildings where keeping the indoors cool is a necessity. It is a perfect combination of great aesthetic appeal and …

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Important Things to Know About Curved Glass

Curved glass, also known as bent glass is used extensively in automobile and architectural designs. It’s widely popular for its sleek appearance and great aesthetic appeal. It may look simple but manufacturing this glass is difficult as it requires skill, precision and patience. Glass manufacturers create it through a heating and cooling process and then …

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6 Common Causes of Windshield Damage

A car windshield plays a major role in the driver’s and passengers’ safety by protecting them from debris while they are on the road. This glass accounts for 34% (approximately) of a car’s structural integrity and is responsible for the proper deployment of airbags.   Unfortunately, it can get damaged due to several reasons which …

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A Quick Guide to Different Types of Rubber Mouldings

Rubber moulding is a process used to create rubber products using elastomers or untreated rubber.Both these materials are taken from their natural sources and then the process begins. Elastomer is widely used because it has elastic properties that allow it to return to its original shape when pressure is applied. Rubber moulding requires a block …

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