6 Common Causes of Windshield Damage

A car windshield plays a major role in the driver’s and passengers’ safety by protecting them from debris while they are on the road. This glass accounts for 34% (approximately) of a car’s structural integrity and is responsible for the proper deployment of airbags.


Unfortunately, it can get damaged due to several reasons which are discussed in this informative blog-post by our experts. This post also lists preventative measures you can take so keep reading to learn more!


Rocks and Road Debris

Rocks, pebbles, stones and gravel on the road can fly up when a car is driven over them. These small, hard objects can travel at great speed and impact the windshield leading to cracks and chips. That’s why it is always a good idea to maintain a safe distance between your car and those in front of you. You should also reduce your car’s speed when another car is overtaking you and drive carefully on gravel roads filled or in the areas that are undergoing construction.


Change in Temperature

A sudden change in temperature is another probable cause for windshield damage. This happens because sudden heat or cold can contract or expand the glass leading to cracks and chips. Read the below-mentioned instances and avoid them to prevent windshield damage.


  • In winter, windshields get frozen and some people try to defrost them with hot water which is an absolute no-no! Instead, you should use lukewarm water to clear the frost to avoid a sudden temperature spike.
  • There are times when your car is exposed to extreme heat for many The heat vacuum created inside the car can lead to windshield damage. This generally happens when the car is parked under direct sunlight so you should always look for a parking area with shades.
  • If your car has become extremely hot due to outside heat, then switching on the air conditioning at the lowest temperature can lead to cracks and chips on the windshield. This happens due to extreme temperature differences inside outside of the car so down the windows for a while in such situations and then turn on the AC.

Harsh Weather

High winds, hailstorms and heavy snowfall are all examples of harsh weather conditions that can damage your car’s windshield. High winds or storms,for example, can uproot tree branches or other debris that can fly and hit the windscreen if your car is parked along the road or outdoors. So, it’s sensible to keep your car parked in a covered area as the weather can be unpredictable.


Improper Installation

When a windscreen is not properly installed in a car, there might be a chance of stress cracks developing. These cracks originate near the windscreen edges leading to chips which will damage it further. That’s why you should always seek out a professional to install it to prevent windshield damage.


Poor Glass Quality

If the glass quality of the windshield is not of high quality, then it’ll likely prone to damage. Though most windscreens are made of both laminated and tempered glass for better safety and security by reputed glass manufacturers, some try to cut costs by using poor quality glass. That’s why you should always get this accessory from a renowned glass company to ensure your safety.



Any kind of collision can lead to major windshield damage. For instance, if your car collides with another vehicle at great speed, then the windscreen will be damaged. This kind of accident can be deadly too so it’s advisable to maintain a safe distance between surrounding vehicles while driving.


These are some of the common causes of windshield damage. Try to avoid all of them to safeguard the windshield because it is important for your safety. However, if you spot any kind of small damage, then you should get it fixed as soon as you can.

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