Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycle Windshields

The word windshield can be broken into two words explaining its purpose: wind and shield. When you are riding a motorcycle for a long journey on a highway, not having this automotive accessory can be risky. It not only helps in guarding you from strong gusts of wind when you are riding your vehicle but also provides a new look to your bike. Read this blog post to learn about the various reasons why you should install a windshield in your motorcycle.


Why Should You Invest in a Motorcycle Windshield?

A windshield is made of polycarbonate sheets, thus making it an affordable option for motorcycles. It provides protection against various natural problems that you are likely to encounter en-route including harsh wind, rain and cold when the bike is in speed. In the absence of a protective shield on your vehicle, exposure to these adverse weather conditions can cause many problems for you such as:

  • Frostbite in winter
  • Sun stroke in summer
  • Fatigue when it is too windy



Apart from the elements of extreme weather, rocks, debris and splashes might also come flying to you when you are riding. Custom windshield manufacturers build these automotive accessories sturdy enough to withstand most debris without breaking.

Installing a windshield in the motorcycle will make your ride a quieter one as wind gusts won’t affect your hearing. You will be able to converse with the pillion rider without having to shout.


Different Types of Motorcycle Windshields

Motorcycle Windshields are available in three types:


  • Fork Mounted Windshields: Meant to shield the head of the rider, this is the perfect windshield if you want to fix it permanently to your bike. It doesn’t allow you to change the angle but is stable and provides a great overall coverage during rides. Choosing the size depends completely on your choice. However, they do not range high on the “style” factor.


  • Fairing Mounted Windshields: Fairing is essentially a shell that is placed over motorcycles. Meant to align with the whole look of the motorcycle, one look at it and you will not be able to tell it wasn’t a part of the bike from the beginning. The windshield forms a part of the fairing shell and changes the look of your bike.


  • Deflectors: This type is meant to deflect more wind and rain from the rider during long rides. Placed on your motorcycle handlebar as a clip-on accessory, it will stop the wind from hitting your hands, waist or chest unnecessarily. They can also be strategically positioned on the windshields according to your height as an additional safety feature.



Correct Installation of the Motorcycle Windshield

If you want to install windshield on your bike, not all bikes are built for windshield installation.  Some have windshields custom made for them. However, when it comes to installation, there are a few things you need to be sure of in all cases.


1. One major rule you should follow is that the windshield should come just to the tip of your nose when put up. It shouldn’t restrict your vision of the road. Sit upright on the bike when you are choosing or installing the windshield to be sure of the height. You must be able to see everything down the road when the windshield is installed just below eye level.


2. The curve on the windshield should be placed in a way where it will create a slipstream effect. This allows a slope for wind to go over the helmet.


3. The windshield can be fitted above the headlight curvature of your motorcycle. All you need to do is measure the diameter of the headlight and buy a windshield compatible to it.


4. If you have a cruise bike and you want to install a windshield then the handlebar is the best place for the attachment.

Motorcycle windshields are affordable automotive accessories that offer numerous benefits. They not only add up to your bike’s style but also provide protection to riders against harmful weather conditions if installed correctly. Available in various shapes and styles, they are capable of making your motorcycle safer and more comfortable. If you do not have one, contact a custom windshield manufacturer and get one made specifically for your bike.

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